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Local children playing in Red Road

A Message from Michael Lennon
Chief Executive, GHA

The Red Road area of north Glasgow is one a number of challenging large-scale regeneration projects currently being undertaken by GHA and its network of tenant-led local housing organisations.

At the time of construction in the mid 1960s the Red Road tower blocks were among the tallest residential buildings in Europe and were seen as the answer to the cityís chronic housing problems.

At the peak of their popularity as many as 5,000 people lived in the eight Red Road tower blocks. However, they quickly proved unpopular with tenants and have become increasingly difficult to let.

But over the next 10 years a £60million regeneration project, led by tenants, will see the area transformed - with much of the older high-rise flats and tenements replaced with new low-rise homes.

GHA is committed to building a new Red Road neighbourhood for future generations and this website will keep you updated on the projectís progress.

Michael Lennon, Chief Executive, GHA

Michael Lennon, Chief Executive, GHA

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